Just a few weeks ago, from Newfound Land to British Columbia and everywhere in between, people put on their red and white to celebrate Canada Day! As my first blog assignment on my way to Miss Teenage Canada, we have been given our first topic to write on. That is right… How much I love this BEAUTIFUL country. Getting to walk in the middle of winter down an icy road with the moon shining all around and big snowflakes drifting down to the ground, that is what I love so much. The freedom to be in a place where I can experience all of the seasons wherever I would like.¬†There are¬†four great seasons and no one can experience them like Canadians.

The pride of Canadians is so overwhelming and makes me so proud to live in such a great place. From ages 0-100 people all over get all decked out in their red and white to celebrate the birthday of their great nation. For the past 3 years I have been working at a children’s carnival on Canada Day that is run by my work, Kamp Kummoniwannago. Each year I see hundreds of children that come out to support Canada and to play some fun games. Canadians love the land and the nation that they live in.

There are so many things across this land that attract people and bring them into these areas. Things like the West Edmonton Mall, CN Tower, Ottawa Parliament Buildings, Northern Lights, Calgary Stampede, and so many more. We have so much in this country to be proud of and to love. We are so lucky to be living in this free country with free healthcare, freedom, and such a miraculous scenery. These are the reasons that I love our country and I would never want to live anywhere else.

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Written by: Sarah

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