Last night I had the opportunity to play guitar and sing at a fundraiser coffee house for my old elementary school. It was held to raise money for the music program which does not receive a lot of funding. I remember when I went there I absolutely loved music class and participating in band and the choir. Learning and playing music just made myself and others so happy. I know from my three younger siblings who attend there, they feel the same way and are so grateful to be able to learn new instruments and participate in these extra-curriculars. I believe 100% that music is very important in the growth of children, and that they should be introduced to it during their elementary school life. Studies show that music improves the brain and how well it functions immensely! In fact, a study done in March 2009 had discovered musically trained children’s reading skills improved much faster and were more advanced then non-musically trained children. It has been proven many times that having a music base, especially while growing up, starting at a young age, is such a great thing for the mind. That is why I encourage and support it so much! After all, I myself love music and couldn’t live a day without it!

I love listening to it, playing it, singing… pretty much everything about it! aha I played flute throughout elementary school, then in the last couple years I taught myself to play guitar which is my favourite pass time now! I’ve also been singing ever since I was young. I was in choirs and school musicals all through my younger years, and now I just like singing and playing guitar at coffee houses, and whenever else I get the chance to. This past year I have been exploring song writing a lot, and have come up with a few numbers of my own. At Nationals for the talent night, I hope to be playing an original which I am working on specifically for the Miss Teen Canada Pageant. It’s coming along very well and can’t wait to be finished it soon!

If you would like a sneak peak of my singing and playing guitar, I have a video posted on my youtube channel. I just started posting videos so there will be more ┬áto come! It is a cover of the song, ‘Put Your Records On,’ one of my favourite songs! While you’re on there check out my other videos too if you have time!

Thanks again everyone for all the love and support!!



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