Are you ready for the vacation of your life? Do you need a break from the city? Does a sunny beach setting, with beachside shopping, and countless summer events sound good to you? Well then, I think it is about time you plan your next vacation stay in Sauble Beach!

Sauble Beach is one of the greatest attractions in Bruce County. Voted best beach in Ontario is not one bit surprising once you get the chance to lay in the beautiful, soft sand as the sun is going down at night and experience one of the most breath-taking sunsets around. There is nothing I love more than taking my day trips to experience the wonderful things Sauble Beach has to offer my region. I visit Sauble Beach on my summer days when I am looking for a good tan, a cooling swim, and to shop till I drop! I go there a couple times a month with friends and family to spend the day, as I live so close that it’s perfect for a day trip! Why is it so great? Well since I visit it so often I know about all the different things it has to offer that everyone loves, and I know you will too!


Sauble beach is the perfect get away in the summer filled with lots of activities and events for yourself, your loved one, and your family to enjoy. Choosing from camp sites to lovely century old homes,  with trailer parks minutes away from the beach and cottages just off the water, your choices are endless for a perfect  place to fit your wants and needs.

I guarantee when you stay in Sauble Beach there will never be a dull moment. With lots of events to partake in and several site-seeing attractions, you will be having a difficult time trying to fit it all in! I know whenever I get the chance to make a day trip to sable, I assure I have the whole day because there’s just so much to do!!

Sauble Speedway is one of the Saturday night go-to places. Just a couple minutes from the main beach is a large racing stadium where car racers from all over come on Saturday nights to put on a show for a full house in the stands. Who doesn’t love the adrenaline of watching the speed and all the crashing? The boys will without a doubt be here the whole night during your stay!

The days here can be passed away quickly by visiting one of the most popular provincial parks in Ontario, Sauble Falls. This campsite not only provides a place to stay but also
outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy! Your day could be filled with hiking, boating, canoeing, swimming, fishing and wildlife viewing. This is perfect for the nature-lovers, and those men who can’t get enough of their fishing! If you aren’t the most clever outdoors person, no worries! Sauble falls has a full staff hired to provide the best customer service and help new visitors with their activities. It has showers, washrooms, and electric campsites for you to enjoy after your long day outside as well!

After your outdoor exploring day, you might feel a little tired and want to do something a little less strenuous on the body. Fear not, as Sauble Beach main street has got you covered!  My favourite part, and I’m sure all other girls would agree, is the shopping!! The whole main street leading down to the beach is filled with little boutiques, surf shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, and much more! One of my personal go-to stops is the beachside, trendy boutiques that carry such a  variety of items that I always love looking through!

The clothing stores carry good quality summerwear and foot wear for the latest trends, as well as the most stylish bathing suits to accompany all different bodies and genders. Don’t want to spend your whole savings on your vacation? You’re in luck! One of my most-visited spot is ‘The Patch,’ a second hand, un-used clothing, fashionable store has lots of clothing, jewellery, and accessories for men and women at a reasonable, affordable price. Racks piled with clothing means there is always something for everyone!

The main street surf shops are perfect for the water-lovers! With canoes, surfboards, skimboards and much more available to rent or buy, plus hired employees to get you in the water and surfing, canoeing, skimming like a pro! (Calling all single ladies; these workers are not too hard on the eyes 😉 aha!) While you are busy trying out your new water sport or enjoying your water hobby you can sure keep the kids busy by purchasing water toys for them to enjoy from the beachside shops. From tubes, noodles, boat floats, water guns and many more options to choose from, if children are apart of your vacation crew you are certain to keep them occupied with all these water gadgets they will fall in love with.

You aren’t really the water lover? Well I hope you are an adrenaline junkie because then you will LOVE ‘Steel-N-Ink’ tattoo and piercing parlour. Just on the main street is a parlour where you can get professional, experienced tattoo artists to meet your tattoo desires and provide you with an outstanding piece of body art, as well as body piercings. This stop is without a doubt a top pick for the younger crowd.

Bruce County Nut & Fudge Co.

After  a long day filled with activities its good to know there are restaurants, cafés, and sweet shops on the main street that are absolutely delectable. The BruceCounty Nut & Fudge Co., Dairy Queen, Two Chicks Café, Beach burger, Beavertails Pastry, and Sauble Dunes Bar & Grill, are just a few of your options to stop by to meet your hunger needs.

Tourist-favourite: Beavertails Pastry, is a desert you will not be able to pass up on. The fresh dough spread made to resemble a beaver tail are flat cooked, served steaming hot with butter and your choice of  the many toppings to choose from. If you mention these to anyone who has had one, trust me, they start drooling!

Sauble Beach aerial shot. Line up of cars along the beach to go experience the water, music, and activities.

Best part about Sauble is their yearly events that keep everyone coming back for a good time! Each year the Sauble committee puts on several events for all different types of crowds. Canada Day events occur June 30th  and July 1st, where the days are packed with music, activities, laughter and enjoyment! Each year they put on lots of different activities and have many musicians and singers come out to perform for the crowds. This years attractions which everyone is looking forward to include, Canadian Country songwriters performing, learn to belly dance, face painting and of course the night filled with fireworks.

During July and August certain days of the week are special nights as well where events go on. Tuesdays are the one and only cruise nights where vintage cars are displayed along the beach side.  It is so neat looking through all the different styles of cars and speaking with the owners who have revamped these spectacular cars. Also there are street dances, where music is played from 7-9pm down main street and people come and dance and sing along the beach. Wednesday nights are the perfect family night with kids; Movie Night by the beach is always a pleaser for children. Every wednesday night a movie is played just off the beach where you can bring blankets and snacks and enjoy a quiet night watching family movies. Best part is that when the movie is over, the Giggles arcade is right beside you and there’s no better way to please the kids and have fun than to go play some good old arcade games. Even for the teens and older crowd… I’ll admit I’ve definitely played my fair share of games in there with my friends!!

Next event on the Sauble Beach calendar is the ‘Lobster’n’Laughs’ night. This is my all time favourite tradition! This dinner and comedy show is always a crowd pleaser and keeps the laughter going all night long. Plus who doesn’t love a 1.25lbs Nova Scotia Lobster? MMM! Enjoy your meal by the beach with your friends and the comedians presence for the night; perfect night out for the adults!

If you have never been to Sauble then let me tell you ‘Sandfest’ you will be absolutely amazed by!Hundreds of artists from around Canada come to make sand figurines out of our wonderful building sand. These figurines are the neatest pieces of art you will see,

and very unique at that. While strolling the beach to look at all the different artists working away, you also get to experience the lively music playing and watching the volleyball tournaments happening at the same time. While you’re at the beach, you might as well go swimming!! In the clear, warm water while the sun is beaming down on you; can’t miss out on that!

These attractions upon attractions are what make Sauble Beach one of the most amazing attractions in Ontario, and of course in our region, Bruce County. Who doesn’t want to stay off the beach and have a vacation filled with memorable events that are enjoyable for the whole crew? I know I sure never miss out on anything happening at Sauble Beach!  I love every visit I make there! I think it’s time you take a visit up to Sauble Beach; the time of your life is awaiting you! Hope to see you here soon! 🙂


Also I just want to give a big Thank You to Niagara Falls for sponsoring Miss Teen Canada World 2nd blog challenge!

Till next Blog,

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