Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your week as much as I am! Yesterday we had the pleasure to go to Toronto Eaton Center for lunch. When we got there we were greeted by the shoppers. They looked very surprised to see all the pretty girls with the crowns. We had great photo opportunities with the public and the staff of the Richtree Taco Bus. Who knew that right in the middle of the Eaton Center there was an authentic blue and white Volkswagon bus that served what could possibly be the best tacos and burritos that I have ever tasted!! I got two of the fish tacos with lettuce, chipotle, cheese, and beer battered fish. With the old styled bottle of Sprite on the side, this lunch definitely hit the spot!! Some of the lovely ladies that I was sitting with and who I am competing with would surely agree. I saw some girls who had ordered a beef burrito with black bean puree. If you live in, around, or far from the Greater Toronto Area I would recommend this hot spot to eat for you! A big thanks goes out to them for their sponsorship for #MTC2015



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