As our third blogging assignment we were asked to imagine we were a marketing company executive, in charge of creating a thirty second television commercial that would advertise one of Miss Teen Canada World 2013’s sponsor’s, Signature Towels. 


            If we had the chance to create a television spot for personalized towels and were granted the $250k needed to shoot the commercial, how would we advertise it? Our job is to create a visual and context explaining what we would do to catch the audience’s attention and increase the sales of personalized towels. 

      Signature Towels are well known for their high quality, embroidered, monogrammed personalized towels. These towels allow the possibility to add a special touch to gifts and personal items.  They are great gifts for your loved ones. When giving someone you love a gift, it is much more thoughtful when the gift is made personalized; it shows the person you truly care about them. Personalized gifts are truly the best gift for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special occasion.

For my commercial I decided I would display how much it means to someone when you give him or her a personalized towel. I would create a commercial that would appeal to girls especially. However also include a component appealing to boys as well, to increase customer attraction.

In the first  7 seconds the commercial would begin with a scene from the movie ‘Magic Mike,’ where Channing Tatum is dancing on the stage to ‘Its Raining Men.” It is zooming in on his body where you see his muscle definition and can tell that he is working up a sweat. It would slowly fade off moving into the next setting/scene.

Matthew McConaughey

Channing Tatum

This appeals to the girls of the audience because of their irresistible outer appearances and their smooth moves. Once the guys have appealed to the girls it attracts their attention towards the commercial.

In the next 8 to 14 second time slot, Channing and Matthew McConaughey are backstage in a club where there are lots of mirrors and lighting, and is a traditional/stereotypical backstage dressing room. They are talking about how the show went so well and that all the women out in the crowd were so entertaining and lively. However, they both express how they truly want to find a woman who is kind and generous, and will show her love for them.

Channing: “I just want a woman who displays her love for my in a special way.”

Matthew: “Tell me about it, something that tells me she’s here to stay and cares about me.”

Typical hollywood dressing room where commercial would take place.

They both have their shirts off and are both sweating from all their dancing on stage. Their conversation is interrupted as they are both out of breath, searching for a towel to wipe off the sweat. Channing picks up a towel off of a vanity across from him and begins to wipe of his stomach (zooming in on his abs,) when Matthew interrupts him. He says to him “Man that’s my towel, quit wiping down your body with it.” Channing proceeds to say, “No, this towel was mine I thought.”

Matthew then exclaims, “I forget now! I wish there was someway that we could tell our towels apart from each other.”

In the 14 -20 second time slot, it begins with mystical music starting called, “Alone in the Himalayas” by Sam Cardon starting at 0:18 seconds,   when a big cloud appears with Megha Sandhu, Miss Teen Canada World 2012 posing in a bikini with two towels hanging off her fore arms. Her beauty and flowing hair (from backstage fans) intrigue the audience. 

Megha Sandhu, Miss Teen Canada World 2012

She wiggles her fingers in the air and calls over to both Channing and Matthew, “Oh boys!” she would say in a flirtatious voice, “I think I can help you!” A ‘POOF’ sound is made and two clouds pop up where the towels were, and the towels have magically disappeared and appear into both guy’s right hands.

The camera zooms in on Channing’s face and slowly moves down to his hands as he looks down at the towel in his hand that has Channing embroidered on it in a cursive writing in blue. The camera cuts out to a zoom in of Channing’s face and him turning to Matthew in shock and admiration of his findings, as if his biggest dreams just came true.

Matthews face is then zoomed in on and moves down his stomach to a zoom in of his towel, which has Matthew embroidered on it in a bold italic writing in green. The camera rises up to his face which is both in shock and disbelief.

From 20-24 seconds the tune ‘Dream Weaver’ by Gary Wright is playing starting at 0:52 seconds as Matthew and Channing are wiping their face in slow motion, and fans are blowing at them as they are swaying their heads and hair.

From 25-27 Channing exclaims, “Now that’s the type of woman I’m looking for!”

Matthew replies by saying, “Ya! Someone who knows how to show their care and love for you.”

In 27-30 seconds the camera then goes back to Megha Sandu as she says, “Maybe more woman should purchase some of these wonderful personalized towels then?”

As she winks, the camera cuts out and goes to a screen displaying, ‘Signature Towels logo and in a voice over it says, “Are you ready to make your loved one happy? Then it’s time for you to get your personalized towel at” 

Thanks to Miss Teen Canada World 2013 sponsor, Signature Towels !! Go check out their products they are amazing!

Hannah Cassidy

Miss Teen Bruce County World 2013

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