Hi everybody! I’m so sorry that it has been so long since I have posted anything! Things are starting to get crazy. Last Sunday (Sunday, March 8th) I had the  opportunity to go the Owen Sound Attack game with the company I am teamed up with, Wes for Youth Online. In 2011, 16 year old Wes Cameron committed suicide after struggling with Mental Health. Jamie and Yolanda Cameron started Wes for Youth Online just shortly after that. It is a place where young people can go if they are struggling, they provide an online counselling service. After such a tragedy like this struck a small community,  there was such a large impact. To read more about Wes’s, or Jamie and Yolanda’s story you can go to http://www.wesforyouthonline.ca/our-story/ I think this is so important that there are people out there that are offering those services. I decided to work with Wes for Youth because it is a perfect fit for what I believe in and what I have been trying so hard to promote; that young adults need to know that there are people out there to talk to and that they are never alone.

I had the experience of working with Yolanda Cameron and Jennifer Mulcastor in preparation and at the big game! We made over 1000 mental health survivor kits to hand out.

The day of the game was so exciting! From the time I walked into the Bayshore Arena to the time I fell asleep that night I had a smile on my face. There were 4 people doing the puck drop including me. I was never a hockey fan growing up, so getting there I was unsure of my job of “dropping the puck”. Lets just say, once I got on the ice surrounded by 3000 people, I did my job with a smile, and I had a ton of fun. Not to mention the experience of a lifetime.

For the remainder of the game I walked around wearing my Wes for Youth t-shirt meeting people and handing out Survival Kits.

One of the other highlights of my day had to have been all the kids that were at the game. There were kids everywhere wanting hugs and pictures and just to talk to me in my “princess tiara”. They were all so cute, they melted my heart!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Wes for Youth Online and the Owen Sound Attack for making part of that very special day!

The Attack played a great game against Sue Saint Marie, although they lost 0-1, they fought hard and played with all their might!! Good game boys!

As far as Nationals go… I will be picking my 6 weeks of fundraising hopefully by mid next week and will be posting them on my Facebook Fan Page. Stay tuned as I have many awesome events and fundraisers planned!

Feel free to comment below if you want to see me blog about anything in particular or if you have any questions for me! I will answer all questions in my next post.


Sarah <3



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