Hello everyone, the Miss Teenage Canada Pageant has begun, and I’m here to say my last goodbyes for now as we compete for Miss Teenage Canada. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities that have been given to me and all of my amazing friends, family, sponsors, and followers.

From when I first sent out the forms to sign up for the Miss Teenage Ontario pageant, to now sitting in my hotel room competing for the Miss Teenage Canada pageant, I can’t believe I am here. We are on on day three and I am typing this up I still have all of my butterflies, shock that I’m actually here, and amazed everyday by what I learn from everyone. I have gained so much more conference, encouragement, life skills, and beauty skills that I would have never known before.
When I found out that they wanted to do an on line interview with me I was so excited, that I got picked up from a volleyball game a rushed home with this amazing feeling. Even though we had difficulties setting up the skype and giving up then finishing the interview over the phone, I felt that I had really done a good job with amazing help from my family that night.
From that moment on it all went up hill for me. After getting the notification that I was selected to advance on to the Ontario pageant, I was so blown away that I made it and that I felt so good about myself inside and out. I was so nervous when I was entering the room after registration for the Ontario Pageant to see forty-one girls sitting in a circle looking at me as I walked over and set my things down.
Everyone there was so nice a generous enough to make me feel right at home. As the day went on we learned how to walk properly, sit, stand, and so much more that words cannot explain. The staff was so helpful to make us feel at home and well prepared. Standing on stage after the final part of the pageant was finished, in our rows one by one, girls were called to advance forward, everything slowed down when I heard that I was called. Whil everyone was looking at me and clapping I slowly walked to the front to see Sarah, the winner from last year. She give me a hug and told me that she knew I could do it. It wasn’t until after we were all hugging on stage that it really started to hit me. I was set on my way to make a difference in my community and for myself.


During my time as Miss Teenage Brue Grey County I was very fortunate to go to many community events.  These included the Wiarton Willie Weekend.  This weekend celebrates Wiarton Willie predicting the coming spring.  I watched the beautiful girls who competed in the Wiarton willie pageant, and I was part of the prediction ceremony, which has a total blast in front of a national live audience.  I attended the first ever professional hockey game hosted by a Port Elgin near to my town.  It was a women’s hockey game and it was part of the Hockey Day in Canada.  I met people as they came in to the arena and handed out candy to the children.  There were so many supportive comments and congratulations from people.

One of my favorite events was next, the Purple Valley Maple syrup festival.  My family has been helping with this festival for 50 years.  I spent the beautiful day painting faces and talking to people.  It was a great day.  The next day I went to another maple syrup festival called Maple Magic.  They welcomed me with open arms and I met many new people and tried my skills at log sawing.  It was so much fun.


Next I was so fortunate and humbled by being asked to attend a Tim Hortons Camp as a camp leader.  It was 3 days long and I enjoyed every moment of it.  I was able to help kids improve their self-esteem and confidence through talking with them and through the activities we did.  I made new friends and met some great kids from all over Western Ontario. It was an amazing and exciting weekend that will stay with me forever.


My school holds an event called a Tough-Mudder and I put in a team of friends that had made at the Tim Hortons camp.  We had a blast getting so muddy and jumping, running, and crawling over and under obstacles.  The money raised went to local charities.


The Canada Day Celebrations in my area I was asked to host a jumping castle and get the opportunity to meet lots of children.  It also gave me a chance to spend the day walking around meet many new people and have photos taken. The best is hearing young children asking their parents to have their picture taken with a real princess. I can’t tell you how special it makes me feel.


Last but not least I held my 3 day mini-pageant for young girls from my community.  It was the most amazing time.  The first day was the sports day where I showed them how to play many different sports from basketball to badminton to pickle ball to volleyball.  We also had a professional personal trainer come in to talk to the girls about her life and how she got to where she was today.  Then she put us through a 30 minute workout.  The kids were exhausted.  The second day we made our sashes, made cards for strong women in our lives and wrote letters to our future selves.  After lunch we did confidence building activities such as acting, speaking, and team building.  We also continued to practice our choreographed dance for the final show.  On the last day I taught them walking, sitting, speaking into a microphone and other such things.  Them we had a group of local women come in a talk to us about their lives and what it means to be a women leader in our local community.  We had the Mayor or Wiarton/professional drummer, a Paramedic, and OPP Media Officer, a business owner, an office professional, a hairdresser, and a Vice-Principal/marine biologist.  They were all inspiring and the girls had many questions.  We ended the day with a photo-shoot and final show after hair and make-up was completed.  It was so amazing and the girls all had great smiles on their faces.  This event was a fundraiser for me and for Free the Children.


All of these events have shown me that there is so much out there to be a part of and that we can all make a difference in each other lives.


Sitting in my hotel room with my roommate beside me, I am so thrilled just to be here. I am so thankful that I have made it this far, seeing how everyone is so happy and excited for everything we have done, and will be doing makes me feel right at home. I have made amazing friends and mentors. I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the staff and helpers that have spent hours, days, weeks on end to making this be the best experience we all could have. Even if I don’t win the title, I feel like I have already won. I couldn’t have asked for more than this opportunity I am living right now. Thank you so much.
I hope to see you all very soon after the pageant comes to a beautiful ending here in Toronto!


Written by: Greta

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