Today I had been getting lots of stuff done, including blogs, setting up events and fundraisers, and it got me thinking about Miss Teen Ontario and how amazing it was to have gotten to have that opportunity. However, there was a little hiccup in the preparation of getting there that I thought I’d share with you all, since I now can consider it funny. So here goes my little spray tanning story telling for you….

Spray tanning had never been and was never planned to be something I would involve myself with. However, the worker at the salon had some unbelievable persuasive skills and was definitely on her way to convincing me to change that opinion right now.

“Oh yes so many girls your age do it and love their results. If you are planning to be on stage with all that lighting, it’s probably best that you get it done. It’ll give you a great color and glow. Plus all those girls on the cover of magazines have it done; that’s why they look so good! This Lady had clearly been educated on the art of persuasion.

I’m thinking away at the front desk of the salon about the idea of this ‘Fake and Bake’ system. Is it worth it? Is this going to turn out the way I want? The only image that seems to keep popping back into my head is that stereotypical blonde “bombshell” girl, with an absolutely brutal fake tan that makes her look like she could have some sort of carrot DNA traces in her body aha.Right as this image is about to take over my thoughts and make a decision for me, the adrenaline and urge to do something crazy comes over me and takes over. Next thing I know I’m walking to the back of the salon where the lady is taking me for my first ever spray tan.

She hands me this piece of cloth with two stretchy bands attaching one side to the other. My immediate thought is, woman why are you giving me a hospital mask? However I now clue in that this is my wardrobe for the process.  Although I’m fascinated at the fact that if I ever need a quick pair of underwear I can just slip down to the hospital and use a hospital mask, the idea that I have to wear this in front of her is not too appealing.

A girl’s got to do what a girl has got to do though; so I sucked it up and tried to think of it as a fashion statement. She led me to this tiny room. In front of me is this tiny black tent with one side totally open; I assume this is where I will be standing. She explains to me in her squeaky, high-pitch voice that she is going to go prepare the spray, and she will be back in a minute.

I swear it felt like 20 minutes later she came back to me in this freezing cold room, as I was pretty much dying of hypothermia (okay maybe not actually aha). Nevertheless I was ready for this life changing moment; or so it seemed to be. She held this large spray bottle in her hand

 and briefed me how I was to stand. Then she began misting the tan substance all over me. I’m not sure which was more uncomfortable, the fact that about 30 min ago I didn’t know this lady and now we had a very ‘physical’ connection you could say, or that this was feeling like I was being splattered with heavy duty wall paint.

It took about 10 min by the time I had done the full rotation, and every area had been sprayed. I felt this type of accomplishment, as if I had just done the unthinkable. It was a big deal in my mind. Before I left the salon, the lady quickly rambled on about a few details such as, not showering until the morning and not to put any sort of products on my body tonight. I didn’t pay much attention not going to lie; it just didn’t seem too important. It was now 6:30 at night, so it was quite dark as I ran out into the truck where my mom was waiting for me.

Once I got home surprisingly my first reaction wasn’t to bolt to the bathroom to see what I looked like. Rather, I walked through the front entrance and went straight to the dinner table to satisfy my growling stomach. The look on my little sisters face as I reached across the table for a piece of bread was not what I had expected and definitely not assuring. In fact her remark, “Hannah what happened to you?” definitely cleared up any questions running through my head at the moment. I immediately started second-guessing the turn out of this tan.  I ran to the nearest mirror I could find, and I was surprised to not see my reflection, but rather that of an Oompa Loompa. My immediate reaction was to cry, but I think the only thing that could be worse than this tan right now, would be streaks through it from tears; so I held it in. I started panicking and wondering how I was going to fix this disaster. Without a question I obviously went straight to my go-to guy: Google. ‘How to fix horrible spray tans?’ ‘What to do when you look like an oompa loompa from tanning?’ ‘Am I suppose to look like a carrot after spray tanning?’ These were the immediate questions that I aggressively typed into the search bar. What was I going to do when the pageant was TWO DAYS AWAY!!?? Every time I slammed down on enter to see my results, pictures of girls with horrible orange tans came up, and it just made things worse. I shut my laptop after the first few search results. I was about to have a breakdown looking at the pictures and that was not going to get me anywhere.

I had come to the conclusion that I, would never, ever, go into public for the next week or atleast until I turned back into somewhat human-looking. I decided I might as well get some sleep hoping that when I woke up I’d be back to my casper-white self, and it would have all been a dream. I buried myself under my covers, closed my eyes, and fell into a deep sleep which I felt like I was never going to awake.

Morning came quickly.I wake up and immediately check my arms waiting to see my natural skin color. I hadn’t changed one bit. I decided I was not going to school looking like this, instead I thought maybe a shower would take my mind of things and allow me to relax. I grabbed my towels and pomegranate mint body wash, and got into the shower. I turned on the steaming hot water. That’s when my savior came. As the water poured down the drain, it was not clear, normal water; it was a brown tinge. I am not the type of person who doesn’t shower for a week though so I knew this was not dirt coloring the water. I finished up, then hoped out of the shower and wrapped myself up in towels to dry off. I glance up into the mirror, and almost died in shock. I screamed in rejoice like this was the best thing in the world! There was no Oompa Loompa looking back at me anymore. Nope, it was me! Except with a little more color and a beachy-bronzed look. Why didn’t I think of this? The lady told me not to shower the first night for a reason! My first reaction was to obviously go running through my house to show everyone my new results of the spray tan. Thankfully I received a different impression from them all this time through. I think I wasn’t the only one that was relieved that I was looking much more human-like. Especially since the pageant was in two days! aha

Myself in the swimming proportion at Miss Teen Ontario Pageant

There’s my little story for you guys! When I look back I got a way too worked up about it, although I’ll tell you, it looked bad!! ahaha Thank goodness things sorted themselves out though so that I was bronzed up and ready for Miss Teen Ontario!
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