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In Lieu with planning trips, the assignment that has been given to us is to, describe our ideal getaway, dream vacation with our friends. When given this assignment I had no clue where I would want to go, there are just so many wonderful places in this world. However after looking over S-Trip’s amazing grad trip getaways and itineraries I knew exactly where I would want to go; The Islands of the Bahamas! 


With the beaming sun, hot weather, and beautiful, white sand beaches, who wouldn’t want to go here with their friends?! That’s about all I need to have a great vacation! It’s other wonderful attractions and water-filled activities are the main reason why I would choose to go to the Bahamas. Not to mention I know my friends would absolutely have a BLAASST here!


In picking the Bahamas I knew exactly what people I would want to bring with me. I think travelling with a group of girls you love would be the time of your life! Hence,  I would bring my best friend Alli, along with my sister, Mary and her friend Maddie. We all get along so well and love doing the same things, so this would be perfect for our trip! I know for sure they would love everything these wonderful islands have to offer!

While on our stay I would assure that we have an amazing place to come home to at night and to relax during the day. So of course I chose the most luxurious, and beautiful all inclusive resort out there; Paradise Island Harbour Resort!

Who wouldn't want to stay here!? The Paradise Island Harbour Resort is definitely the place to stay! http://www.paradiseislandbahama.com/bahamas-photos-,gallery-en.html


From breakfast to dinner, the resort has our meals covered with a wide array of choices to choose from! http://www.paradiseislandbahama.com/bahamas-photos-,gallery-en.htm

This resort would ensure our stay to be comfortable, filled with entertainment, and lots of fun! I don’t think a resort can get better than, three meals a day from different restaurants, free scuba/snorkelling lessons, mountain bike availability, tennis courts, swimming pool, spa tub and much, much more!!

With all the activities offered by the resort we will be entertained for days! Not to mention their beautiful poolside tanning chairs will be wonderful on the hot, sunny days! http://www.paradiseislandbahama.com/bahamas-photos-,gallery-en.html


Once we fill up at their beautiful high-end cuisines, we can burn off all of our food and stay in our tip top shape by visiting their, on site fully equipped fitness centre! All four of us love sports as well so what better way to burn off those extra calories then by going to play ontheir basketball court, or perhaps some badminton and beach volleyball?! My friends would absolutely drool when they arrived at the resort. I can’t even imagine how fun it would be spending my vacation here with them.

Now for our Itinerary! Hmm what would we do here? Well let me tell you it would be hard to fit it all in because there is so much to do! I picked out a few key things though that we would not be able to leave the Islands without doing!

First thing up, Bahamas Paradise Ocean Do-It-All package!


This Ocean Do-it-All package is perfect for us water-lovers! It begins with a seaside tour as we sail off to the beautiful Rose Island, where the great fun begins. Choosing from snorkelling, water jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides would be our toughest decision of the day! Knowing us though, we would make sure to fit it all in! Snorkelling along the coral reefs, watching the sea turtles, stingrays and all the colourful fish would be so amazing! Then hopping onto a pair of jet skis and screaming and being splashed as we blast through the waters; I couldn’t think of anything better. I know Alli would love this part of the trip, we are both adrenaline junkies and love doing fun stuff like this that gets the heart going.


Next thing up on our schedule would be something a little more calm, but that would give us a good chance to experience the Bahamas. That’s why we would go touring the town


and country side of the capital on the Nassau City and Country Tour. Mary and Maddie absolutely love architecture and would die over the beautiful, historical buildings that can be found on the islands. This tour begins in the city touring some historical monuments and visiting places such as the former colonials secretary office, parliament building, and the supreme court.


Then we get the chance to see some of the century-old homes in the country and old forts where Pirates would use as hiding places. The beautiful architecture and getting the chance to see all the historical marks that Bahamas has to offer would be a great way to spend a rainy day or after we were tired out from the crazy water exploring day. Either way this tour would be so fascinating and would give us girls a good chance to chat and even learn some good old historical information!

Photos of Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Paradise Island, Paradise Island


Photos of Aquaventure Water Park at Atlantis Paradise Island, Paradise Island


Seeing as us four girls come from Canada and don’t go away to tropical places very often, it is without a doubt that most of our stay we will be in the water and exploring the beautiful beaches, and water attractions. One things for sure, we will not leave without visiting this water attraction which ranks #12 attraction in the Bahamas!! The Aquaventure Water Park!!! This place looks as if it were from a movie. From the rock climbing walls, to water slides, river rides and pools, Mary, Maddie, Alli and I would be in Heaven! It would be so fun to get the chance to go to this water park with all of them. Who doesn’t love going to watermarks with their friends, let alone in the Bahamas?!

Check out this video and you will believe me!

They would all love it here! I think our favourite ride by the end of the day here would be the ‘Leap of Faith.’ This is a 60ft drop!! The drop begins at the top of the iconic Mayan Temple as you rush through a tunnel which is submerged into a shark filled lagoon. THe laughter and screams throughout this ride would be enough to tell you how much fun we were having!

What is a vacation without a special night out experiencing some of the amazing Caribbean food delicacies? I know us girls would not pass up on the

Some amazing Caribbean food we would be indulging in on the cruise! http://bahamastourcenter.com/steak-and-lobster-dinner-cruise/

Steak and Lobster Dinner Cruise with the beautiful relaxing sunset and live entertainment! The boat ride begins with appetizers and beverages as your three course meal is being prepared. Then we get to enjoy freshly-caught lobster and juicy steak as we talk about how great our trip has been! To top it off the cruise kicks off a Bahamas tradition of Limbo and bring passengers into the game for a lively night! I love Lobster and I know Mary does too so this would be our ideal meal for sure! With Maddie and her amazing photography skills, we would get some spectacular shots of the sunset during supper to show all of our friends and family when we got home, and to keep as a memory of our wonderful trip.

Now what would our trip be if we didn’t go swimming with the dolphins?! The Blue Lagoon  Swim with Dolphins sounds like an awesome way to interact with the dolphins and would allow us to travel to the Blue Lagoon island and it’s crystal clear waters.


This island is filled with pod dolphins and a trainers centre that can teach you all you need to know about dolphins. Then you get the chance to go out into the waters with the friendly dolphins who do tricks upon tricks and come and kiss your face and allow you to hug them. This would be so fun to do with Alli, Mary, and Maddie. We are all animal-lovers so getting the chance to interact with the dolphins would be the absolute best!

By the end of this trip Mary, Maddie, Alli and I would not want to leave one bit! I can assure you there is no other way I could see myself spending a vacation then with my friends and in the Islands of the Bahamas!! It would be a vacation of a lifetime thats for sure! Having the chance to fly over the ocean, stay in a beautiful resort, experience the many water attractions, and do it all with my friends? I’ll take it for sure!! My ideal getaway vacation in the Bahamas with my friends would be the time of our lives!!


Thank goodness there are trip planners like S-Trip! who offer grad trips to amazing places such as the Bahamas!!  S-Trip! takes student travellers on unforgettable adventures around the world. Celebrate the exciting conclusion of high school in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica or Bahamas with all your friends onGrad Trip. Spend a weekend skiing or snowboarding at one of Canada’s premier mountain resorts on Ski Trip. Experience culture, sightseeing and events in Montreal or Quebec City on Busaway. Make a difference in an underdeveloped country on an impactful student Volunteer Trip. Explore the culture and history of Europe on Euro Adventure. For more information visit www.s-trip.com.


Thanks again to this blogs sponsor S-Trip! They are supplying the prize to the Social Media Queen this year, and guess what it is?! A grad trip!! How amazing and awesome would that be to win a vacation grad trip with one of the best company’s out there? I sure would love to! A huge thank you once again! For more information on S-Trip! go check out www.s-trip.com, their Facebook page, and their twitter!

Thanks for reading my blog assignment and I hope you decide to plan a trip with S-trip soon!


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