Sunday, June 9th I held a Mother and Daughter Tea Party to fundraise money for the ‘Free the Children’ organization, and it was such a success! I had some great young girls and their mothers come out and support the organization and myself graciously.

The afternoon started out with myself talking to the girls as they were drinking their tea and punch, and ate their little cupcake treats. I spoke to them firstly about ‘Free the Children’ and what exactly the organization does. They found it very shocking that Craig Keilbeurger was only 12 years old when he first saw the need for a change in the world; I think that this truly inspired them. Next, I told them about myself and about my experiences at the ‘Miss Teen Ontario Pageant;’ What it was like there, what we did, why I joined, and what it has been like for me since becoming a finalist.

After this I discussed my platform with all the girls. When I first explained what a platform was I was surprised to see that not many girls thought there were many issues in the world that needed to be resolved. Once I started stating examples such as bullying, poverty, hunger, I think they began to understand and realize what I was talking about. I told them that my platform was based around raising girl’s self-esteem and that girls need to be more confident in who they are and embrace everyone’s uniqueness. I explained that everyone is different, that we all have attributes that make us special whether they are physical attributes or personality characteristics. I got them all to shout out one at a time with pride what was the most beautiful thing about them. I had a couple girls say they were kind, empathetic, pretty eyes, a good sister, and my favorite one was when a girl said she was weird. That was honestly the most inspiring moment of my day. To think that the little girl had the confidence to say she was ‘weird,’ which in other terms just meant she was different in her own way, just made me realize that, if she can stand up and be proud of who she is, there is no reason everyone else can’t. We all discussed these attributes and how they make us who we are. We can’t let others try and change us or tell us we need to change because, we are perfect the way we are.

Next was our craft and snack making time. I set up a craft that would tie into my platform and teach the girls while having fun. I gave all the girls canvases and then got them to put paint all over their hand; they looooovedd this part! Aha I explained that our handprints are all different and that they can only represent one person…us! They plastered their messy hands on the canvas and all around it wrote things that made them special. Once they got all washed up we made an edible craft that I give all thanks to my mom for finding. We made little teacups that were perfect for the tea party theme, and later put ice cream in them for the girls to eat. While the girls were munching on their little teacup, I sang and played guitar for them all. I was so happy that some of the girls and their moms knew the songs to sing along with me.

I think the girls favorite part of the day however was the face painting, nail painting, and photo booth. I had two of my moms wonderful friends come with all of their nail painting appliances and nail polish and paint the girls nails, as well as a couple friends painting the girls faces. Once the girls discovered the photo booth though, they were in heaven! I had a big dress up box filled with funny hats, tiaras, and much more that the girls could put on and get pictures with. They turned out so well! The girls were quite creative and loved dressing myself up as well and getting me in the pictures.

To close off the afternoon we picked out the raffle winners and I thanked everyone again for their support and for coming out. I would like to once again thank all the girls and moms who came out they made the event successful and helped myself out so much with my fundraising. It’s the love and support of everyone in the community that is making this wonderful journey possible for me, and I greatly appreciate it all!

You are all the best!!! <3


Miss Teen Bruce County World 2013

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