All ready for what the week of Miss Teen Canada has coming!

First day in the big TO was amazing! From the beautiful weather to the amazing girls I got the chance to meet, today just could not get better! When I first arrived at the hotel….

Scratch that! I forgot…

When I first arrived at the WRONG hotel, I figured someone was trying to tell me something! That, or my directional skills need some crazy improvement!! aha

Well once I arrived at the RIGHT ( ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) hotel, I was not surprised to see young beautiful women packing into the hotel lobby carrying bags upon bags and suitcases upon suitcases. Let me tell you, these girls don’t just work out for their ‘swimwear bod’s;’ holding clothing for a long enough time is a workout and a half!!

Once we arrived we were taken to our rooms where we got the opportunity to meet our roommates. ย Miss Teen Canada employees must have been stalking our facebook accounts real closely these last couple months because I swear our roommates are pretty much our twins! aha Once we got to our rooms we unpacked all our luggage. Yes, I can already see into the future, well actually probably by tomorrow, our room is going to be a disaster! aha SO MUCH CLOTHING AND SHOES!!

Overflowing clothing, and shoes upon shoes!


Once we managed our room and got all cleaned up, all the delegates met up and we had an opening chat with the directer, Michelle. This really started the excitement for me! Telling us how are week was going to pan out and keeping the laughter going was a great start to the night! Finding out the hard way that the camera man was truly taking videos rather than photos also gave all of us a good laugh as we stood there awkwardly posing for an awfully long time! aha

Bianca and I with our new Hi-Tec Running footwear courteous of our wonderful sponsors!

Next we were sent into a room where Miss Teen Canada Sponsors were. They were all such wonderful people and so kind!! There was Hi-Tec a shoe company there fitting us for shoes which they generously have given to us. There was Schwarkopf who provides amazing hair products for us delegates. Golden Glamour Goddess’ was also there showing us their healthy tanning spray which smelt absolutely amazing! As well Free the Children workers were present to discuss any questions we had in regards to the organization and it’s work. This was also a great time to chat it up with the girls and meet lots of new girls and catch up with delegates from the previous pageant.

Although the night was a blast, were we all sure eve glad for it to come to an end with some supper and time to sleep. As we were sent off to our rooms I’m positive all the girls were looking forward to a good sleep! That’s what I am suppose to be doing right now actually… I should get to that soon! I just couldn’t leave you all hanging though, I want to keep you updated as much as possible!

MMM our yummy cookies made by our sponsor PS by pretty sweet!

Tomorrow is our photo and video shoots as well as our interviews with the judges. We have an early wakeup call for breakfast, then right after is hair and makeup time!

Also, a heads up, Monday we will be on Breakfast Television at 6:20, so tune in ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, I’m beat.. Bed time for me!

Till tomorrow,


Miss Teen Bruce County World 2013


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