Hello from Sarah, Miss Teenage Bruce County 2015! I am so glad to have this experience and so glad that I get to share it with all of you. My time so far with the Miss Teenage Canada competition has truly been a dream, meeting all the girls, getting a chance to work with Sean, our choreographer, and Michelle, the director. The weekend of the preliminary pageant was a busy, tiring, exhilarating 48 hours. Starting with Saturday morning we were sent upstairs to register and had a chance to meet some of the girls that I had been recently been talking to over Facebook. For the rest of the morning and the afternoon we rehearsed our opening number dance to the song “Rather Be” and was taught how to walk and present ourselves in front of the judges. After a short break we entered back into the ballroom for the pre judging of the swimwear and the interviews. First was the bathing suits. It was crazy nerve racking waiting in line! I kept thinking that I would trip with my footing or go over on my 5″ heels 😮 When the time came to “strut my stuff” I had so much fun!! After the interviews I got to head back to my hotel room and relax for the night. The next day was even more intense and adrenaline filled! We continued practicing the opening for the morning and around 12pm the hair and makeup artists from Glow Academy arrived and the girls spread out to start getting ready for the big show. By the time my hair and makeup was done (by the way, it was done BEAUTIFULLY!!!) it was time to start practicing on the stage. Trying to change into black cocktail dress for opening number, I discovered that one of the same 5″ heels that I was wearing the night before, was actually stuck on  my left foot.  The zipper was broken and my foot was unable to escape the pain, almost torture. In order to get changed I actually had to cut off my leggings with a pair of scissors! Luckily I only had the one pair of shoes for the whole night. Once the show started and the adrenaline from being on stage and being in front of all of those people was in my body I forgot all about the shoes and focused on what really mattered, having the time of my life with some of the most beautiful girls I have ever met. At the time of the crowning I was so nervous I was practically shaking. When Michelle called my name as a finalist for the Miss Teenage Canada competition I was ecstatic, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me on my journey this far, I wouldn’t be here without you all!

I have been busy planning for my six weeks of fundraising for Free the Children, including many events all around the county! follow my blog and my Facebook and Twitter to get updates on all of these events.

Thanks for reading, much love,

Sarah                Miss Teen Bruce County 2015

Written by: Sarah

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