With my platform encouraging girls to love themselves for who they are, I thought I would fill you all in on what I do to keep myself happy and confident. There is no doubt that living healthy makes for a happier person. With eating healthy to fitting in time for some physical activity, a healthy lifestyle is the prescription for a happier and healthier you. When you eat healthy and are partaking in exercise you feel much better about yourself physically and emotionally; that is why I make it such a key part in my life! Although many people find living a healthy lifestyle difficult, I rather enjoy it and love sharing tips and secrets with others that help them move forward towards a healthier life. It is quite easy and I think that once you get into the swing of choosing ‘good’ foods and letting a sweat out a couple times a week, you feel so good that you never want to stop following this routine.

I’ve decided to let you guys in on my life a little (not that I haven’t done that enough already aha :p , ) and reveal my healthy habits that keep me powering through the week. Keep in mind however, everyones lives are different and certain needs must be met for different people depending on their body types, lifestyles, and any conditions. For example in just over a month I will be walking down the runway in front of hundreds of people in a bikini… so yes, fitness is of high importance for me right now and I am doing much more than the average person would or need to. If you ever have questions though about what type of a diet you should be eating or a training program you should be doing, contact me and I will gladly, I repeat, gladly love to answer and help you! I am pretty sure I told you all in my first post that I want to go to school for nutrition and fitness and it’s because I love it, so I love helping others out with it!

OKAY, enough rambling Hannah…. ahaha


My brain everyday from start to end is always thinking about what I will be eating. Not just because I love food, (ahaha) but because eating healthy does require planning. When you are away all day at school like myself, you have to pack a lunch as there aren’t many fast-food places, restaurants, or stores where you can pick up a nutritional-filled lunch or supper when you’re short on time. So my day of eating is mostly planned in the morning.

Breakfast… every morning I wake up and eat a bowl of homemade oatmeal. This gives me carbs and protein to kick start my day; after all ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day,’ as my mother always says!

Oatmeal concoction!! Such a power food, and is the best to wake up to!

I put half a cup of oatmeal into a bowl of water, mix in LOTS of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of sweetener or honey. I microwave it for a minute or two, then add fruit on top as well as raisins for a little sugar kick. Best breakfast ever I swear! This is also a greater starter for the day since I leave my house at 7:30 for school everyday and it keeps me full straight to lunch.

Lunch… I am not a big lunch person, for some reason I’m never hungry till about  2 or 3, its probably that porridge 😉 aha. It’s important though to be eating every couple hours to keep your metabolism going. So for lunch I usually eat my veggies: salad, stir fry, homemade spring rolls… that kind of idea of a meal. One thing you want to be cautious of when eating vegetable based meals is that you aren’t drenching your nutritional veggies in condiments upon condiments. Keep it light, use fat-free dressings or balsamic vinaigrette and use herbs to naturally add flavour to your food.

MMM! This is a homemade spring roll I made with rice paper, salad, and shrimp... Sooo good and good for you!

Snack… Snacks are good! Having something small in-between meals keeps your metabolism going and will give you energy when you start to feel tired near the end of the day. I usually eat a handful of mixed nuts or almonds because of their high protein content and all the healthy fats that they contain in the afternoon at school. Other foods on my snack list that I like having are, any fruit but especially apples, 0% greek or fat-free yogurt, granola bar, or veggies and dip.

Supper… By supper time I have usually already worked out and am hungry. My main goal for supper is to get in a high-protein source. Chicken, turkey, tuna, egg, fish, and seafood are all examples of the type of protein sources I have for supper. Along with them I have some type of vegetable side. Protein is such an important component of your diet, and cannot be left out. I have fun cooking and trying out new recipes that change up my meal choices. Later on in the night as well, depending on my schedule if I am up late I will have another snack.

Through out the day I also drink about 1.5-2 Litres of water. Water is so important in the make up of our body, our blood alone is made up of 90% water!! So we have to be continuously giving our body water for it to use.



Daily Physical activity is key to staying healthy. From going for a walk to sweating your butt off at a high intensity training class, any type of exercise improves your state of being immensely. The daily recommended amount of physical activity is 30 minutes, which is very attainable in a 12-14 hour day. I personally try to fit in an hour a day, with some days going longer or more intense than others. I play lots of sports during the year so I get a lot of exercise participating in practices and games. Aside from sports I love going to the gym as well as working out at home. My workouts go as such usually: stretching, cardio, strength training, and stretching to cool off. My cardio is always interval training because it improves your physical performance, also burns more calories, and works your muscles harder. It is usually a 30 minute session of either cycling, running, elliptical, or stair climber. Throughout the 30 min I am constantly changing speed, resistance, and incline.


When my cardio is finished I always do some type of strength training. I have done work with several personal trainers and have done my share of reading up, and so my knowledge of exercises, technique, and routines is very wide. Strength training varies for everyone and are very person-specific. I do 30 – 60 min, which usually allows me to fit in 3 sets of about 12 exercises or so. My workouts change daily, I never do the same one because when your body gets use to a certain routine it becomes too easy and your muscles don’t work as hard.

300 abs workout... give it a go and challenge yourself!




The latest exercise program I’m in love with is this routine called 300 abs. It is where you do 300 reps of ab exercises without stopping till you’re done… KILLER!!! Honestly you all need to try it, you kill the next day, but it works wonders!





Well well,  that pretty much sums up an average day of the week. I like my cheat days with my friends though, and having the odd chocolate bar as a treat! It’s important that you treat yourself for your hard work! Anyways I hope you all take away something from my little food and exercise diary, and start making changes in your life to get you started on your healthier lifestyle. I guarantee you, a few healthy choices throughout your day and you will begin to feel so good and happy allllll the time!

Till next time,







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