I can’t believe the wonderful time I had last week.  My Girl Power Camp was a huge hit.  We danced, played sports, acted, made sashes, laughed, and enjoyed making new friends.  The girls really enjoyed themselves and I hope they learned much about themselves and about confidence.  I was especially moved by the many people who donated money so that some of the girls how wouldn’t normally be able to afford this camp could go.

We had some great women guests come and speak to us including a Ontario Provincial Constable, the Mayor of Wiarton, a Personal Trainer, an Office Professional, a Business Owner, a Hair dresser, a Paramedic and a School Vice-Principal.  They shared their wisdom and experiences with the girls and the girls taught them how to walk on stage.  What an amazing sight.

The mini pageant on the last day was incredible.  The girls performed their choreography perfectly and they looks so beautiful in their sashes and tiaras. Thanks to all those people who helped out and made the camp possible. IMG_9002IMG_900013631563_10153560110712273_7431409462134938923_n IMG_9100 IMG_9152 IMG_9319

Written by: Greta

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