One of the many exciting parts of my preparation for National’s includes finding my evening wear gown. Our evening gown walk is worth 20% of our mark and is therefor a huge decision and very important!! You want to find a dress that displays who you are, that shows your personality, flatters you, and one that you can walk down the runway with all confidence!

Ever since Miss Teen Ontario World pageant, from the night I got home, all I have been doing is searching through sites upon sites looking through hundreds of dresses!! I would save pictures and pick out the different parts I liked about a dress and wanted to have in my dress, so that I had a little image in my head of my ‘ideal’ dress.

When myself and my mom made the date to go shopping in Toronto to find the dress, I counted down the days for weeks. I had stores upon stores lined up to visit in the search for the ‘Perfect Hannah Dress.’  When the day came last week, I was to my surprise up and awake without a complain (which is odd considering I am not an early bird!) We left very early in the morning because we live about 3 hours away from Toronto, so the drive takes up a good part of the day. I knew that the first store I wanted to visit was this little boutique on Eglington called, ‘Obsession.’ I had never personally heard of the boutique, but my brother Josh, who had judged a previous Miss Canada Universe said that this store was great for long gowns; and well I don’t second guess my brother, he knows his stuff!

We got to the boutique in good timing and were one of the few customers in the tiny store. Packed with dresses upon dresses, I had so many options to choose from! I had no clue where to begin, so I searched front to back, top to bottom, with the help of my mom, brother, and sister. We found several dresses that I liked and began trying on. The first two dresses I put on I fell in love with! It was a princess moment for sure!

This is pretty much how I felt when I put on the dress... ahaha

Trying on the long, sparkly dresses, and walking out in heels in front of the three-way mirror just made me feel like I was on top of the world. In the end, the first two dresses I had put on were my top two choices I had to decide between. Although the both of them were absolutely gorgeous the second dress showed more personality and I felt so confident in it.

I turned around to my family, and to the sales lady, and said cheesily, ‘I found the dress!!!’ (I am a little obsessed with the wedding shows on TLC and ‘I found the Dress’ clearly) ahaha It was so exciting knowing that that was my pageant dress, and it made me realize how fast nationals are coming up!! Once I got the dress, we headed over to the seamstress to have some alterations done. We made one large change to the design of the dress, but the actual fit was perfect!

I’m trying to stay true to keeping my dress a surprise untill Nationals, and hopefully my will power will shine through! I will say though that I did find a strapless like I had wanted, and a white dress as well! Which is perfect because I never thought I’d find a white dress that wasn’t a wedding gown. I can’t wait to see how it turns out after its changes and try it on again. It will be a challenge I know to try not to try it on everyday till Nationals!! aha

Can’t wait for you all to see it!! 🙂




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