As I mentioned last night, I took part in the Explore the Bruce Adventure yesterday. This is a great program that the County of Bruce has been running for 11 years now, it encourages kids to get up and get outside. It has 12 stops at the most beautiful and historic landmarks all around the county, spanning from Mildmay all the way up to Tobermory. Starting this year, they chose one location and had many different stops within that town. Yesterday was such a gorgeous day out so we decided to go for a drive to start some of these locations.

We started the day in Ripley at the Botanical Food Garden where we took a walk through the gardens and down the Apple Rail Trail. We then went just up the road to the Pine River Cheese house.


Next, we ventured into Kincardine, where there was a stop at the Queen’s Lookout but also there were 4 additional stamps to be found around the town. We started at the Queen’s Lookout. It was such a nice view over the water at all the boats and the pier. We walked down town to the Hudson Street Mural, Mcpherson Park, the Rock Garden, Rotary Park, and Geddes Park. Completing all the stops along the Kincardine March. Sadly, the pictures that go along with these stops are too large to go into this post but I will post them on my Facebook page.

We travelled over to Port Elgin next, and visited Gobbles Grove Beach. This small sand beach just off the main of Port Elgin was our last stop for the day. Again these pictures will be on Facebook.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday Monday tomorrow. Stay tuned for part two of my Explore the Bruce Adventure coming in a few weeks!! Thanks for all the continual support.





Written by: Sarah

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