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I hope you are all enjoying this lovely hot weather, I know I sure am! I firstly want to apologize for not blogging in over a week, its been so hectic and crazy with exams. The exam cram weeks are always filled with coffees upon coffees, binders upon binders, and without a doubt no extra free time. Guess what though?! School is out!! Wooo hoo! I’m so relieved to tell you that it’s officially my summer, and my mind can now fully be dedicated to nationals. With that being said I have so much planned and lots of things I will be doing to prepare for Miss Teen Canada as the countdown is ON! Only 17 days until I am all packed up being sent to Toronto to experience the most amazing, once-in-a-lifetime week of my life. So I decided to fill you all in on the events I’ve been doing lately, what I will be doing, as well as some different things I have been doing to prepare for the pageant.

Firstly, last weekend I organized and held a BBQ to raise money for ‘Free the Children,’ outside of Independent Grocers. Thank you to Mr. Rowland, owner, who allowed me to hold my BBQ out front and for his generosity in donations as well. The fundraiser was a great success and everyone was loving their sausages and hamburgers. I met a young girl while I was handing out burgers who I just fell in love with. She said she enjoyed playing guitar and singing like me and so we began talking about that. We figured out we liked the same kind of music and that we actually lived not too far apart. It’s always so nice meeting such great people when I’m out doing events and fundraisers, they make my day so much more interesting and exciting.

Last week, I had received an email from one of the great ladies at my local museum that I volunteer at, asking if I could help out this past Saturday. I was upset that I had a shift at work booked as I absolutely LOVE the museum, the people that work there are my favourite and working with the kids is my favourite. I couldn’t drop the opportunity so I booked off work, thanks to my wonderful employer, and was able to spend a good part of my day at  the museum saturday. They were opening a new exhibit for children so I was there to help prepare in the morning as well as for when the exhibit was open. The kids were absolutely priceless and loved the ‘Imaginarium’ exhibit so much.

Tonight, I am volunteering my time at a fitness challenge fundraiser. The fitness facility I work for is holding a fitness challenge to raise funds for our local rail trail which is a great part of our small community for bikers, walker, and runners. I will be down at the beach tonight helping monitor the teams as they sweat for the win of the challenge.

Next event on my calendar is Canada Day. I was asked to sing and play guitar at the Kelso Beach Canada Day concert, which I am so honoured to have been asked. This event occurs every year and brings in such a huge crowd! So yes, the nerves are definitely beginning already! aha I will be playing a few originals as well as some covers. It’s great to do this as well to prepare for talent night at nationals, as that crowd will be similar in size I’m sure. I will try to get it videotaped so that I can show you all after.

Aside from events in the community, in a week and a bit my mother will be getting married! This is so exciting for her and my family. My mom is such an amazing person!

My mom and her soon-to-be husband

Mother of ten children and she isn’t crazy yet… I think that’s impressive enough! ahaha Her wedding is July 6th, which means she has been head over heels in work, yet she still makes so much time for us children at home and continually for myself helping me prepare for nationals. I am so excited to walk behind her down the aisle and watch her marry the man she loves who treats her absolutely amazing.

As of now, those are the events on my calendar however I am in contact with several individuals about more volunteer opportunities and events. If I am not busy enough right now I know I sure will be!  As for things I’ve been doing aside from events and exams, well there is lots! Aside from my two jobs, I have lots on my hands to do to prepare for nationals. I am obviously going to continue to blog, however it will be much more often than once maybe twice a week. I received my packing list this past week, so my nationals binder that I organize everything in is filled with so many lists! I am in search of lots of items and slowly setting aside items as I receive them. Makeup, hair supplies, and toiletries are all items I’m on the lookout for right now. Youtube has been my best friend lately as I have been watching so many tutorials to get an idea of different makeup looks and hair looks I will do while in Toronto, so I keep trying to get ideas from the makeup and hair artists in there.

I also began writing my essay questions for nationals. It is an optional component and the winner receives a 2000$ prize. Hence, I will be placing lots of time into this essay, doing drafts upon drafts, and edits galore. I will post the essay once I hand it in at nationals so that you can all read it.

I am still searching for sponsors and business’ to help myself out with items for nationals and possibly costs. I had a friend of mine who owns a local business offer without me even asking if she could help out by giving me items I could use, and I was so grateful for this! We will be talking later this week about details but you will hear more about her kind donations later this week.

Preparation also includes remaining healthy and very active before nationals. Swimwear is a large portion of our score so it is important to be toning our muscles and staying healthy and fit. The judges are not looking for a ‘skinny’ girl but rather a muscular, toned girl in the swimsuit portion. My idea of getting my ‘swimwear body’ ready is, feeling happy and healthy with myself, eating a healthy balanced diet, and remaining active. My ideal body is one that I feel happy in, and is unique and different to everyone else’s. I am so thankful that I have a friend helping me out who is a figure competitor and a personal trainer and therefor is very knowledgable on healthy eating and exercise. That way I am not just working from what I have read but from someone who lives a healthy lifestyle as part of her job. Thanks to this warm weather I can enjoy my runs outside now as well, which makes exercising even more fun!

Practicing public speaking in front of crowds is also very important for me at this time. At nationals we have several public events as well as our interviews which we have to display our communication skills and ability to relay our thoughts. I am always trying to think up questions someone whether it be a judge or someone in the community would ask me and then practice relaying my answer and thoughts in a way that is understandable, coherent, and formal.

Finally, I have also been writing lots of new lyrics and practicing singing and playing guitar. I am trying to get the nerves out of me before nationals, so that I don’t have the jitter bugs while I’m on stage at the Talent Gala. I love playing guitar and singing though, so I love having a reason to have to play. My fingertips are definitely getting sore though from all the picking that’s for sure! aha

Anyways, as you can tell it has been and will be very hectic these next couple weeks. It will be all worth it though in the end! Only 17 DAYS!! That’s all I keep telling myself! I can’t wait to make you all proud!

My love to everyone,


Miss Teen Bruce County World 2013


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