It’s funny how most people pick up the “something” for dummies books in bookstores  and just assume that they will automatically be able to do whatever they are trying to learn right after reading the book. I admit it, thats totally me! aha The books are just so intriguing and make you feel like an expert! Perhaps it’s the big words, or the eloborate explanations; all i know though is that you can never turn them down!

So I have decided to create my own little version of a dummy book for all of you! (Let me clear this up right now too, I am not insinuating that any of you lack intelligence or are dumb, I just think the title of these books are so funny!) Except my version is going to be filled with a way easier words, its going to take an eighth of the time to read, and the best part: you will all ACTUALLY be experts by the end! This is pretty much a once in a life time opportunity!! ahaha (okay maybe not totally..) BUT… I hope you enjoy and follow my simple steps to, “Being Beautiful for Dummies.”

Being beautiful is no tough game. There aren’t many rules, there are no opponents, and thank goodness it doesn’t come with a manual. It’s quite easy actually  and any individual of any age is capable of excelling in it. There are only a few things you have to do before your true inner beauty shines through; and guess what!? That’s what I’m here for! I’ve broken it up into five easy steps that are so easy to follow you won’t believe it!

Step 1: SMILE :)))))

Smile, smile, smile! A person’s smile is what gives them that extra pazaz! It’s so important that everyday you keep the biggest smile on your face, it will make your day that much better, and will make the people around you happier as well. The bigger the smile, the more beautiful!



Step 2: LAUGH

Whoever said laughter could cure any problem… they were so right!! Having humour in your life is key to getting through the day. It lightens up the room, and brings happiness to all the people around. The more you laugh, the more you smile… and well we now know that only leads us to being even more beautiful!


You aren’t living life unless you are doing the things you love to do! Who wants to live a boring life, that is filled with tasks and doing things which we don’t even enjoy? I know I don’t! That’s why it’s so important for us all to at least take a bit of each day and do something we enjoy. It’s crazy how much smoother your day will go, or how much better you will feel during the day, when you have done something that’s put a smile on your face.


Although sometimes we may go through rough patches in our lives or even if we don’t, there is always someone who has it worse than us. With how lucky we are to be living in such a wonderful country, with lots of jobs and good paying ones at that, we all have the room to take the time or the effort to give a helping hand. A little help goes a long way, and someone will appreciate it. It’s important that we be grateful for what we have and in return take it upon ourselves to do something for someone else who may need some extra help. At the end of the day when you donate food, when you volunteer at the soup kitchen, or when you raise money for the poor, your smile at the end of the day will be just as big as the ones receiving what you have done for them.


We were all made so unique and special, with gifts and attributes that make up who we are. No one on earth is the same, and that makes us all so special! Each and every day of your life you have to let your gifts shine through, and strut your stuff for the world to see! You have to proud and confident in all you have! There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman who lets her colours beam for everyone to see!


There we are! These might be different from the ‘ideal’ or ‘stereotypical’ guide to beauty, but who said those ever worked?! This one is a 100% guaranteed and so easy to follow too!  I do my best to try and live by each and every one of them, and as I grow older and experience more I realize the importance of these five things. I think that once you give them a shot you will realize such a big difference in your life. Your beauty will definitely start shining through! Be yourself, show the world what you have to offer, and girl… LET YOUR BEAUTY SHINE!





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