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It is soooo hot and sunny today and I Lalalalaloooovvee it! It’s great, I’m getting a natural tan which will look much nicer when I get my spray tan next week. I am doing more than just tanning though, I swear 😉 ahaha. In fact my schedule is packed right now!

However I wanted to blog tonight to answer a few questions I always get from people. I love talking with people and getting the chance to tell them about my journey and this is just another awesome way I can let everyone know.

I thought I’d switch it up and video blog instead today; it is way more exciting and much more personal anyways! I’m sure it is nice for you all as well to just sit back and listen, you don’t even have to read! So go grab a cool drink, maybe some chocolate (mmmm :)) or your dinner, and sit down and enjoy!

Why/how did I come to join the Miss Teen Canada World Pageant?

Why did you choose the platform you chose?

What has been your favourite part of your journey as a delegate of Miss Teen Canada World 2013 so far?

What has helped you along your journey and got you this far?

*** Okay so I probably should have elaborated on this a little bit… I was enjoying myself a little too much with the whole singing with a brush ahaha. So I apologize but I take back a part of the whole ‘you don’t have to read’ part! Just briefly I will explain what I meant by answering this question with this song. Basically what gets me through life and has gotten my through this journey is staying positive and believing in myself. Not allowing things to stand between me, my goals, and my dreams. That is the key to happiness and success I believe.

What’s something different or that we don’t know about you? 

What do you want to do or be when you’re older?

(I had to ahaha I couldn’t resist adding a little laughter to my blog and your day! :P)


There we are 🙂

I hope that answers your questions you may have! If you have any others comment or message me on my Facebook, email, or twitter accounts.

Thank you I hope you enjoyed the blog!

With Love,


Miss Teen Bruce County World 2013





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