Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day weekend! I know I had a wonderful, very busy weekend. Although it’s only what? 1o days until Nationals?! So I’m pretty set on being a busy bee for the next week.

Anyways, I thought I’d blog today a little bit about myself and my life. I haven’t talked to much about myself or what I enjoy, so I figured I’d give you all a second introduction by describing what my usual days and life include. My life is all over the place so, so will this blog, but I hope you learn some things about me by the end! Ā It’s great that it’s summer now too as I can do much more of my hobbies and get lots done throughout the days.

Okay here we go… šŸ™‚ : ) : )

Alrighty, well to start off, I work two jobs. My first job I’ve been working at for about 4 years or so, as the owner was a family friend so I was always helping her out even when I was younger. It is at a high-end fashion boutique filled with racks upon racks of beautiful european clothing that are from the best designers out there! Yes, I don’t ever bring home a paycheque… working in a clothing store when you love clothes…. bad idea ahaha However I love the people that I work with and my employer dearly!! My second job I have had for a year now and it is at a fitness facility. I applied last summer because I decided then I knew I loved fitness and wanted to do something with it as a career. I knew how important experience was on a resume so I applied. Ever since I have been working there I have loved it! The people I get to work with that come to workout are the nicest people ever!

Alli and I!

My best friend is where a good part of my days go! Alli and I met in grade 9 when we ended up both trying out for basketball. It’s funny because when you’re a girl in grade 9, you’re pretty much scared of everyone; which Alli and I were. As soon as we let loose though and became comfortable with each other, we have been attached to the hip ever since. We do EVERYTHINGtogether!!! We would always get asked if we were sisters or related and we began just going with it, because no one believed us when we said we weren’t. Alli Ā and I are athletic so we like playing sports and working out together, going shopping, eating junk food and of course… watching Pretty Little Liars!!!

Alli and I on the last day of school before christmas break... we decided to take christmas spirit to the next level!


We are quite crazy when we are together, butĀ our laughs together get us through life and I don’t know what I would do without her in my life!



I loveeeeeee health, fitness and beauty! Ever since I got to high school I’ve gained this MMM! A spicy tofu and veggie stir fry I made up for supper one day.new love for being healthy, exercising, makeup, hair etc. I cook a lot of my meals and am always eating healthy (I do enjoy my junk food though ;)) I love experimenting with new recipes or trying to make unhealthy foods, healthy, but still taste good! Lately I’ve been into making different oatmeal recipes; my absolute favvvv breaky! I also love sports, working out, fitness classes, and really anything fitness-related. My favourite sport is basketball, and have been playing for the last three years in and out of school.

Post/during workout pictures! I love it when it is nice out and I can go do my exercises outside! Right now I love figuring out exercises to do with the bosu ball! It's an ab killer I tell ya!

An oatmeal concoction of mine! 1/2 cup of oatmeal, boiled in 1 cup of water. With peanut butter, frozen fruit defrosted on top, almonds, and apple sauce!!

I have had several personal trainers and love reading upĀ about working out, so I enjoy going to the gym and making up new workouts for me to do at home as well. Most people don’t like the pain associated with sore muscles and working out… me? I LOVEit!! I also enjoy the usual stereotypical girly things; makeup, hair, nails, clothes… all that great stuff!! I love trying out new hairstyles and makeup styles everyday and seeing what I can come up with! Plus with working at a clothing store, I have gained a love for lots of styles and outfit planning. It’s a hard life on the wallet let me tell ya! Ā :p aha

Eyeshadow makeup I was testing out! I get to do this lots lately to try out styles that will work best with my dresses and photo shoots!

Christmas with the Fam Jam! This was when we were exchanging our secret santa gifts.

My family is a very important part of my life. Coming from a big family has made us all so close! With 9 siblings, there is a never dull moment in our lives. Although I don’t know what my mom was thinking when she had ten kids, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. From my oldest brother who keeps meĀ confident and laughing until I cry, to

My youngest sister and I.

my youngest sister who I can’t get enough of her hilarious comments!! The age difference in my family is age 12-28, so we are all fairly close in age and get along so well. Our family loves coming together for holidays out on our farm home and watching home videos, playing games, and of course our huge games of football out on our front country field.

As you all know as well from previous blogs, I love playing guitar and singing. I do this for my own enjoyment and sanity for the most part. When I have a had a rough day or want something calming, I go pick up my guitar and just sing! I taught myself a few years ago and this year especially have been playing lots! Music and singing gives you such a good feeling, and puts you in the best mood! It’s something about putting the lyrics with a melody and suddenly all your emotions are said in a song; it’s great!!

This was me playing at the Canada Day celebration at Kelso Beach for all the kids.

Hmmm what else?….

Well I think these pictures and videos say enough… ahaha

This was in Florida this January. My sister and I went on this bungee trampoline and it was the absolute best!



My friend Kahler absolutely killing my back ahaha

(Incase you don’t get it, I had no clue how to do the cup part of the song…. ahaha )

Well there you are!

I hope you enjoy learning a bit about me and my hectic, crazy life!

10 days to Nationals!! WOOO



Miss Teen Bruce County World 2013


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