Hey everyone, just wanted to check in with you guys! Nationals is fast approaching and as I’m struggling to get everything done, more things keep coming up! With things getting crazy with Miss Teenage Canada, I also am working full time, have many family events coming up, and another pageant to prepare for. As I was looking at my list of things I still needed last weekend, I found that I only had one pair of shoes…. Not ideal but okay, it was a start. So I did not wait a second longer, I was online and ordered 4 more pairs of shoes for Toronto. Luckily they arrived all this week and not so lucky… not a single pair of them fit!! Also with the shoes, I have yet to get to a Garage Co. to spend the $100 gift card that they have provided me with to outfit myself. So this is my weekend… getting lists organized for registration, getting bags packed for a whole week, and going shoe shopping. Lets just hope that I can find some nice ones that are going to fit! Going back to my packing, I do mean bags. 8 in total actually.. I don’t know how the out of province girls are going to fit everything they need in a suitcase and a carry on. I have three suitcases (one of which contains three additional bags), a carry on, 3 dress bags, and my crown case. Some may say I have over packed but I think I am just going prepared!

As some of you may have seen, I have recently had a dress donated to me from Bridal Temptations in Hanover. I would just like to thank them again for the cocktail dress that I will be wearing for the photo shoot. I have had other companies do donations for me as well including product from both Mary Kay- Cheryl Neuman, and Mica Bacio Pure Mineral Make-up. I would like to the this time to say thank you to everyone who has helped me out with everything, including support, since the beginning.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update and let people know that I am working towards a great trip to Toronto in only 8 short days!!


Written by: Sarah

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