Well, well, well… Man has it been busy this week! These last couple days have been packed full with lots and lots of events!! Its been hectic but I love it!  I can’t even begin to tell you how fun and amazing this has been! Meeting new friends, experiencing new things, and being the best I can be and being confident in who I am. Having all these amazing girls around supporting me makes it that much easier and enjoyable!! I honestly have met girls I know I will stay in touch with and that I can truly call friends after just a week!

Celeste and I; a girl I met this week and we've really connected and have been having a blast!

Sooo I wanted to fill you guys in on the main highlights of these last couple days! We have been doing some really neat stuff these last couple days; all thanks to some amazing sponsors!!

Firstly, we went to the Toronto Zoo yesterday which was awesome! I never really got to go to the zoo when I was younger being so far away from Toronto, so this was exciting for me! We got up bright and early, had breakfast on the bus, and were off! We visited quite a while with the pandas, which were moving around lots! Then we tried to see the polar bears but they kept shying away. Before we left, everyone made sure to buy a specialized Toronto Zoo cup!!

Panda Cup everyone purchased at the Zoo!











Natasha and I about to go in for Medieval Times.

Next event that I loooooved was Medieval Times! Oh my goodness it was soooo fun!! Alll of the girls got to dress up in our cocktail dresses and load the coach for a night full of laughter, food, and entertainment! When we got to the Toronto Castle we were all seated in a special row designated for each ‘knight’ in the show. We were to cheer on our knight and ‘boo’ the other teams! That was very easy because our row had Celeste and I in it and we were going crazy! The meal was absolutely delicious too; chicken, ribs, potato, and tomato soup!! MMMM! The girls who had never been there before were absolutely loving it and it was so fun to watch their reactions to everything!

This was a little part of the show that we all loved! The lights came on and the voices began speaking, then horses upon horses started trotting out; it was so cool!

Eaton Center Shopping! So many cute little kids came up for pictures.

Also another cool experience was going to the Eaton Centre. With the amount of girls we have in sash and crown there’s no wonder that we attract the interest of the public. I would somewhat compare us to a huge mob!! aha Our reason for going there was because our wonderful sponsor Garage gave all us girls 50$ gift certificates to use.

Shopping at GARAGE!

We all had such a blast shopping together and putting outfits for each other together. When we left Garage, thats when it got hectic! We had people coming up to us asking for pictures, talking to us, and crowds gathering. It was so neat and so great to be able to speak with some of the little kids that came up to us. Our bus ride back was definitely the party bus! With the music blaring and us singing and dancing along, the energy was overflowing!!

These last couple days we have also been rehearsing; not fun on the feet, but otherwise very fun!! Our choreographer is amazing and assures we are all laughing and of course perfecting our routines. It’s so cool seeing the dance routines come together and getting to experience the end result. I can’t wait for everyone to see them because they are fantastic!

Some of the gals and I posing with out cocktail dresses which we were absolutely thrilled that they could make a rainbow with!

Now for tonight: PRELIMINARY’S!!!! ahhhhh I’m so excited, scared, nervous, anxious… I don’t know what to do with myself!!!

Actually that’s a lie.. I’ve been practicing in my heels forever because I figured that would be a good thing to do rather than sit in anticipation for tonight aha.

My official Miss Teen Canada World picture.

Tonight’s show is the last component of our current score; it decides whether we make top 20 or not. We will be doing our swimwear walk as well as our evening gown walk. Very simple, but worth a lot of our mark!! My attitude going into it was actually given to me by my brother Josh, his advice has stuck with me and gets me through everything I do now. He said, ‘Make it mean everything, but make it mean nothing.’ I honestly had never gotten better advice before and it has stuck with me. So I’m going in positive, confident, and am going got give it my all!

My goal in this pageant is not to be the ‘best’ girl here, to have the best body, the most beautiful face, or the best walk; I truly want to be a role model for girls. I am ready to inspire and encourage girls that they can do anything; everyone has the potential and capability to follow and pursue their dreams. It is their choice to make, no one makes it for them. With determination, drive, confidence and inner beauty you can achieve your goals. That is what I am doing; achieving a goal, a dream. I want to make a change, I want to be the one young girls look up to, I want to change society. It may take time, it may take hard work, and I know I will fall, I will fail, and I will hit rock bottom; but where do I go from there? Only up! To women of all ages reading this:




Don’t let anyone ever tell you different. You pursue your dreams and appreciate the special, unique individual you are!!

I can’t wait to make you all proud as I compete these next couple days. Much love sent home to everyone!




Miss Teen Bruce County World 2013

Written by: Hannah Cassidy

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