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Well it is by no surprise at all that I am absolutely beat! I think I need to invest in some crazy high-caffeinated coffee for the rest of the week! Today was a early and busy one that’s for sure! However it has been so fun and I know that this week is only going to get better! Each day makes me happier and happier that I got the chance to be able to be apart of this experience.

Myself at Breakfast Television this morning.


Last night, after having a late night finishing up with photoshoots, videoshoot and interviews I got a couple hours of sleep before my ‘Call Me Maybe’ alarm ringtone started going off at 3:45 am!! I decided my alarm had to be somewhat upbeat so that I would feel like actually getting out of bed!

All us girls on Breakfast Television.

Our morning began so early because we were going onto Breakfast Television!!All of us girls had gotten dolled up and when we got to the studio it seemed to be packed of tall, curly-haired, crownedladies. I wouldn’t definitely say too many women for the men workers to handle! aha

They placed us all along the backstage and had us all ready to go for ourspotlight. To my surprise when we started airing the host actually came to me as one of the girls and I got to say how I came from afamily of ten children.



Here is the the showtime and video of us on Breakfast Television, click here to watch it. Check it out if you get the chance! 🙂
We then heading off for a great breakfast at high park. Bacon, eggs, potatoes, and toast MMMM! Breakfast seemed to finish very quickly, perhaps because of how excited we all were to go to the CN Tower. Even though I live in Ontario, and come down to Toronto lots, I have never been to the CN Tower! SO I pretty excited too! When we arrived there it was the neatest experience!!!

The amazing CN Tower!

Everyone around us was taking picture of us, with us, cars were honking and cheering as we went by, it was so cool! The CNT Tower was also sweet!!  The glass floor was neat as well as looking out at Toronto and getting such a good view!

Gorgeous view from the all the way up in the CN Tower. Also I'm thinking of taking up 'Price is Right?' 😉 ahaha


The next part of our day was a scavenger hunt made up by our tech blog judge, Rob. All the girls went crazy and were running around trying to find the most hidden things. I seem to be pathetically horrible at these games however, and managed to find nothing! aha This is always how my family easter hunts go as well ahaha While we were here I also tried an Oyster with some of the girls for my first time!!

Girls Just want to have funnnn!!! Shopping at Costa Blanca.

Then was SHOPPPPINGG TIMMEE!! Costa Blanca gave each delegate a 50$ gift certificate to spend today! All the delegates went into Costa Blanca and it was absolutely hectic! Us girls were in heaven!

After all the girls did our rounds in the changing room we went to Much Music Live. Now this was the most upbeat, loudest part of our day! With beat boxers, break dancers and 65 delegates, the enthusiasm and spirit in the room was through the roof!!

The lively Much Music show.



We were all placed behind the VJ  through the show and were cheering on and screaming through the whole show.

We were all so tired by the end of this, and feet… well they are hurting a bit :p aha It was such an awesome day though! It was nice to get out of the hotel and bond and meet all the delegates. I can’t wait for tomorrow now! We have lots planned and so it is an early morning again tomorrow! 7am, so not as early as this morning which is nice, we can all sleep in a little bit.

We have so may awesome things happening this week and I love filling you in so keep reading my blogs and Facebook and all other social media 🙂



Miss Teen Bruce County 2013



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